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What would you do, if you knew that your thoughts could shape your physical reality? How would you know who you were, if everything you based your life on was proven false? Those are the questions that Deva asks, and that the themes of the game are intended to highlight.

In the World of Darkness, perhaps the best marker of adulthood is gaining the capacity to ignore the wondrous and embrace the mundane. As a survival tactic, ignoring the strange and unfamiliar allows one to accept their life. Whether as a worn down laborer with a body twisted by long hours and scant food, or a glittering socialite searching for meaning in dalliances and drugs. Acceptance of one’s lot, assuming that your life will follow a predestined path, is easier than acknowledging exactly how vast and terrifying the world really is. For better or worse, the Reborn are stripped of that comfortable blanket. Every Deva has passed through death, and been remade in some way or another. They can all see what lurks in the dark places of the world, and now they stand in the twilight themselves.


With the eyes of children the Deva can see the world as it really is, in all of it’s terrible glory The Shrouded World is a place of horror beyond imagination, and incomprehensible beauty. Exposed to this, the Reborn are unable to shut their eyes and wall themselves away. For there is no sanctuary that will not reveal it’s deeper secrets to them, as brutally raw as an exposed nerve. Only when they learn to embrace the world as it really is, and stop trying to close their eyes to it. Only then can they regain some measure of control. And then they realize their own minds and souls are filled with Shadows.

Deva: The Reborn, is a game that asks questions constantly. In order for those questions to feel relevant and real, certainty must first be removed. Strangers know the characters by name, and the intimate details of their lives. People and places they knew have vanished, while new ones have appeared. Dysphoria haunts the life of the Reborn, always telling them something isn’t right even when everyone around them believes in this normal. Everywhere, everything is more than it seems.


The other side of alienation, discovery is the force that pulls the Reborn even as alienation prevents them from becoming comfortable. If everything is different than you thought before, then what is it really? If you are not who you thought you were, then who are you after all? If these things are no longer written in stone, then there may be space for a Deva to make their own mark on the world. To walk a new path, even though it might be veiled.

Deva, is a game of darkness and horror, but it is also one of hope. While the Reborn are lost and in some cases very much alone, they all have the potential to effect real change. For better or for worse, they stand at the center of an ever-changing landscape, uniquely positioned to see both the dangers and the potential inherent in the chaos. In the world, and also within themselves.



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