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Dark Mysticism

The Deva are creatures of the twilight, trading in forces mortals are not even able to observe. Much of their existence is based in struggle and survival, but for the Reborn the struggle for survival and the struggle for spiritual evolution are the same. When a character in Deva asks a moral question, the consequences echo across their very being, and influence the shape of the world around them. Thus, the theme of dark mysticism, of calling upon dangerous forces and walking into dark places in search of enlightenment. Though their Lesya, and their influence on the world’s chi, the Reborn are forced to confront and deal with spiritual forces constantly. Through their Gates, the beliefs and attitudes of the Deva have a palpable impact on the world. To reflect this, as much of the world around them as possible should be displayed in spiritual terms. Not because the characters choose the mystical over the practical, but because in the Shrouded World they are one and the same.

Decaying Grandeur

Ancient cults, decrepit temples, cryptic clues; all of these and more fill the Shrouded World. Hints from the past at the choices the Deva should make, or signposts for the path best avoided. There is perhaps nothing more exciting than knowing that others have come before you. That they have built something majestic and beautiful blazing that same trail, and that you stand on the shoulders of giants. But, now those giants have fallen, and you look upon their bones. Just as the Deva see spirituality in every corner, they also see attempts that others have made to shed light on the shrouded world. Here is a building that traps spirits within. Perhaps it was intended to empower residents, but now the maddened and starving spirits are spreading their suffering to the mortal world. There, a sacred grove is hidden away underground, carefully supplied with light and fresh air from the surface. But, now new construction threatens to destroy it. Disrupting the vents and skylights that allow the plants to thrive. An artifact is passed down from generation to generation of a family, held reverently even today though it’s history is lost. It’s power has long since fled, the family is worshiping a powerless idol. But it’s construction might reveal the abilities it once held, and speak of the hand that created it. All these things and many more exist in the shrouded world. Strewn about like the playthings of those long-perished giants.



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