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There are many terms that have come into common among the Reborn. The following is a list of those that are most commonly and universally employed. Across the world Deva of all kinds may use either regionally appropriate, or deliberately vague replacements for these terms.

Akasha – Subtle or base material, from which all other things are formed. A Deva may manipulate Akasha, with the help of their Shadow.

Akashic form – The ‘true’ shape of a Deva. The form they display when invoking the shadow, or wearing the subtle body.

Arts – The learned supernatural abilities of the Reborn.

Bardo – Intermediate state, between destruction and a new life. The period between a Deva’s mortal death and their rebirth is often referred to as singular “the Bardo”, while the period between the destruction of a Deva’s mortal form and the time they can reconstruct it is “a bardo”.

Chi – The life force of the universe. Used by the Deva to sustain themselves and manifest their powers. Chi is never consumed; but it may be altered, shaped, or moved.

Deva – A human soul that has died and been subjected to Lesya. Able to reform their body and return to the Shrouded World. Also known as Reborn.

Dharma – The spiritual path or ethos a Deva attempts to discover after their Rebirth. There are five main paths of Dharma, and infinite variations of each.

Dysphoria – The feeling that something is fundamentally not right with themselves or the world, that plagues every Deva.

Face – Also True Face. Another term for the akashic form.

Gate – A property of the Deva’s soul, indicating how heavily influenced they are by certain concepts. A Deva who opens the gate of Death for example, becomes more corpse-like, while improving their ability to deal with ghosts.

Insight – A Reborn’s understanding of their Dharmic Path, and dedication to following it. The more Insight a Deva possesses the greater their potential.

Lamp – A source of knowledge about the Shrouded World, usually with regards to Dharma.

Lesya – Also known as soul coloring, or staining. Lesya is the change in a Deva’s soul that allows them to return to the Shrouded World and reform their bodies. It also has a permanent effect on the Reborn’s personality and interactions.

Mask – A false front presented by the Deva as they interact with others. Some Deva wear many Masks to hide their actions from the mortals and their fellows alike, while others attempt to shed all of their Masks and live openly in the world. A Deva may or may not consider their original mortal life to be a Mask.

Naraka – The realms of suffering through which the souls of every Deva have passed. The realms of Naraka are innumerable, and intrude on every part of the Shrouded world.

Naraki – Natives of Naraka. Alien creatures who wander the Shrouded World as the Deva do, laying elaborate plans and sowing suffering wherever they travel.

Reborn – See Deva.

Reflection – The measure of how well a Deva communicates with and understands their Shadow.

Ritual – A special formula that allows the Deva to call upon outside powers to invoke supernatural effects. Most rituals call upon ancient bargains with spirits or ghosts to function, though some are more like recipes exploiting natural rules.

Second breath – Another name for the Rebirth. When a Deva returns to the Shrouded World.

Seeking – A spiritual quest, in which a Deva attempts to better understand their Dharma or Shadow.

Shadow; the – The dark part of a Deva’s soul. A Shadow holds great knowledge, but has uncertain intentions.

Shroud – An altered mental state, where a Deva is controlled by their Shadow.

Shrouded World; the – Term the Deva use for the world they inhabit. It includes the mortal world, as well as the realms of spirits and the dead.

Spring – A location where chi flows freely. Often a Nest serves as a passageway between the physical and spirit worlds.

Subtle body – The state of a Reborn that has no physical form. The spirit body.

Tide – An increase of Chi in an area, often caused by excessive use of a Deva’s Arts.

Triggering Event – A circumstance which causes the Deva to fall under the Shroud.

Veil – A mortal group that the Deva uses for protection, and to carry out their will.

Vessel – The centerpiece of a circle. A spirit patron created from collected chi of multiple Deva.



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