Table of Contents

C : Introduction : Setting : Characters : Special Rules : Storytelling

Prologue – Awakening

Introduction – Talks about what the Deva are, and what this game is about

Themes – Alienation, discovery

Mood – Dark mysticism, Decaying Grandeur

Lexicon – Common terms and their usage.

Chapter 1 – Setting

The Deva – What are the Reborn?

Mythology – History of concepts, theories about the past, outlining the unknown

Rebirth – Bardo, returning to the world, and Dysphoria

Lesya, the Shadow, and Dharma – How the Deva are shaped by their rebirth.

Insight and Respect – What Dharma means socially and spiritually.

Deva Society – Councils and Houses, guides to the newly reborn.

Titles and Position – The anatomy of the Council.

Circle and Vessel – Basic units of Reborn society.

Veils and Masks – How the Reborn interact with the mortal world.

Others – Different supernatural beings of the Shrouded World.

Chapter 2 – Characters

Character Creation – From the mechanical to the spark of life.

Creation Summary – Mechanics of rebirth.

Example of Character Creation

Insight – Understanding Dharma


Reflection – Speaking to the Shadow


Gates – Qualities of the soul.

Merits – Special adaptations of the Deva

Rituals – Rites of the Deva that call upon or bind outside forces.

Lesya – The stain that colors a soul.

Dharma – Purposes of the return.

Arts – Powers of the Reborn that come from within.

Soul Arts – Arts that deal directly with Souls and Shadows.



Chi Arts – Abilities that affect Chi in all it’s forms



Physical Arts – Pacts that shape a Deva’s form or world.



Shadow Arts – The power of the Shadow, manifest.



True Seeing – The pinnacle of the Deva’s Arts.

Chapter Three – Special Rules

The Shadow – The inconstant companion.

Shrouds – Altered states of mind, influenced by the Shadow.

Spirit Senses – Perceptions the Deva gain through their spirit nature

Crossing Borders – Traveling between the worlds of flesh and spirit.

In the Flesh – Creating a physical form.

Life and Death – Survival, healing, and destruction as one of the Reborn.

Bardo – The spaces between.

Seekings – Spiritual journeys for understanding.

Vessels – The spirit of a Circle.

Artifacts – Objects of power.

Chapter Four – Storytelling and Antagonists

Life Among the Reborn – How life is changed for every Deva.

Twilight War – Conflict between the Reborn

Regional Variations – Reborn across the world.

The Spirit World – The Yang realm of animistic spirits.

The World of the Dead – The Yin realm of ghosts.

Naraki – Enemies of the Deva.

Other supernaturals – How the Reborn deal with the inhuman creatures of the Shrouded World.


Experience – Character advancement.

Table of Contents

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